About us

Name of the company : KRÍZIS KONTROLL Asset Management Limited Liability Company

Address: 1111 Budapest, Bicskei utca 6. fszt. 2.

Registration Number : 01 09 173701

Tax Number: 24366878-2-43

Date of incorporation: 2013, 14 May

Main activities: 6920’08 Accounting, bookkeeping and auditing activities

Capital : 3,000,000 HUF as Three Million Hungarian Forint

Details of the authorized representative: Ildikó VERES, Executive


The company was established in 14 May , 2013 in order to get recorded in the hungarian liqudators’ registry system through the advertised tender,in the hope of maximum compliance with the conditions.

Our application was successful, we got into the liquidators' roll, as you can see on our website, as we have already received the honorable court appointments.

The main activities of the company are accounting, auditing and tax consultancy which basically fits well with the liquidators and asset management activities. Actual activities of the applicant company only started after winning the tender, before winning the tender it was operated as a „sleeping” company. The owners of the company decided years ago if there is the opportunity to continue or to follow their parents’ professional business, settlement of insolvency proceedings, liquidators and trustees they will.

During the higher educations and specialized trainings the owners of the company has monitored for years and sometimes helped to the companies that were mostly owned by their parents.

The owners of the company has finished thier studies at Oxford Brooks University - International Business School in Ba studies in finance and accounting , at Budapest University of Technology in Ba studies Business and Management and also they have diploma in liqudiator special assistant.


Employees of the company :

Péter SIMON (Liquidators )

Krisztina EKE SIMONNÉ (Liquidators )

Margit SALLAI PLÓSZNÉ ,JD. (Lawyers)

Miklós VASS, JD. (Lawyers)

Ildikó VERES (Auditors )

Erzsébet GOMBITA KISSNÉ (Auditors )

Erika KRÓN (Economists)

Anita SEMEGI SZŰCSNÉ (Economists)

Ildikó Alexandra KÖNNYŰ (Economists)


Owners of the company 



Könnyű Ildikó Alexandra                             Péter-Simon Zsófia                                     Simon Balázs


Levelezési cím: 4625 Záhony, Ady Endre út 13

ügyfélfogadás: telefonos egyeztetés alapján

telefonos elérhetőség: hétfő , kedd, szerda, csütörtök: 9h-14h

e-mail: kriziskontroll@gmail.com